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Enterprise devoted to create customized management software for SMB (small and medium businesses)

Why using a customized software?

If you can find a commercialized standard software which fulfills at least 80% of your needs, do buy it. If it is only useful for some of your tasks, that software will give you more work than help.

The information of a business must be saved only once and must be located in its appropiate place. It has to be immediately availiable for any computer used for your business, even through the Internet. Here is where a customized application comes, in which the developer, together with the client and users, has to design a scheme adapted to their needs that can be updated to the new functions that can emerge.

Latest developments

  • Development Domotic system bases in Raspberry-Pi.
  • Android applications with 'cloud' database connections.
  • Documental repository database online.
  • Study of complex sets of relationships data with Social Network Analysis.
  • Map registry management for Spanish Orienteering Sports (FEDO).
  • Project and Intellectual Assets management PIAM for a NGO in Veterinary medicin(GALVmed).
  • Worldwide veterinary vaccinations database . Vetvac.
  • ERP implementation in a pharmaceutical company.Centre for Ticks and Tick-Borne Diseases Lilonwe (Malawi).
  • Accounting management program for the Spanish Orientation Sports Federation.
  • Monitoring and evaluation ( M&E ) project software. GALVmed .
  • Management program for the French Archery Federation clubs.
  • Research projects management program. Producción animal department . University of Lleida.
  • Management program for BSE (Bovine spongiform encephalopaty) Aragon regional laboratory. University of Zaragoza, Faculty of veterinary.
  • Stock management module for sports associations.
  • Management program for The tissue bank .University of Zaragoza, Faculty of veterinary.
  • ERP implementation in a pharmaceutical company. Exopol S.L.
CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Photographic and file management
Human Resources
ISO 9001:2000 Quality
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